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10 (Christmas) Gifts for Travellers

Christmas is almost here; which means you’re already behind on stocking up on gifts for family, friends and yourself. So if you’re wondering what to get the traveller in your group (it could even be you) this Christmas, not to… Continue Reading →

7 Types of Travellers and Their Goa Stays

We’re different. What we want out of our travels is very different, too. One might want to connect with nature, whereas another thrives in the hustle and bustle of a city, one might want to travel with his family, one… Continue Reading →

10 Things to Do in Goa

You’ve heard the stories – “The party was off the hook, man,” “(Fill in the name of any Goa club) was rocking last night, dude,” so on and so forth. But what if you wanted your Goa trip to be… Continue Reading →

10 Things to Pack for Your Goa Trip

December is the perfect time to hit the beaches of Goa! Whether you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve been to Goa, or if this is your first trip,’s list of essentials will make sure your vacation is… Continue Reading →

6 Reasons to Celebrate New Year’s in Goa

December is no doubt THE month to visit Goa, the small South Indian state synonymous with beauty, fun and memories that last a lifetime. The festivities of Christmas and New Year’s combined with perfect weather makes December in Goa nothing less… Continue Reading →

What to drink when in Goa

Goa’s uniqueness is rooted in sun-kissed beaches, its hospitality and sussegado lifestyle, but mainly the drink thanks to the state’s alcohol-friendly policy and lower taxes. While the excise duty on Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beers – both imported and locally-brewed–… Continue Reading →

What to eat in Goa

Goan food is completely different from anything you may find anywhere else in India. Attributed to the state’s diverse cultural heritage (and the Portuguese inhabitants who lived here for almost 450 years), the cuisine is a blend of Portuguese, Catholic,… Continue Reading →

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