Everything’s better when you have someone to share it with, including your travels. A lovely walk on the beach in Goa, a hot air balloon ride in Bagan, a Nile cruise in Egypt – are best savored with a significant other. While solo travel opens a window to one’s soul, travelling as a couple opens a window to one’s heart.

Travel Must-haves for Couples

We are not oblivious to the obvious problems that may and, most likely, will arise while travelling as a duo. But from speaking with couples who have traveled the world together, all the trouble is worth it when you get to learn more about the other person than you ever could living in the same place for years.

But before you pack your bags for your next twosome holiday, we suggest you go through our list of travel must-haves for couples to make the most of your trip.


Headphone jack splitter

splitter-headphone-jack-trend hunter


Is there anything more romantic than slow dancing under the stars on the banks of river Seine while listening to some of Frank’s tunes? We can’t think of anything. Thanks to a headphone jack splitter a couple can listen to music or watch videos from one smartphone at the same time. Share your entertainment to spice up the mood or kill time in airports with this nifty little accessory.

headphone splitter

Till splitter do us apart…

Pro tip: These buggers are great for when you want to take an audio tour together. They also save you the cost of renting another player. You’re welcome.


Invest in a GoPro.



Get Pinterest-worthy visuals with a GoPro. Whether it is a high-quality picture or action-packed video, a GoPro camera and its accessories will revolutionise the way you guys take travel photos. Have fun taking pics in the mountains or in the water and of each other. Rise above the sea of selfie sticks, Nomads 🙂



P.S: We understand the benefits of a selfie stick, so you might as well get a GoPro pole. Aren’t you tired of those low-resolution front camera selfies, already?  


Universal travel adapter with USB charging ports

In this one single compact device, you have a USB charger AND a plug adapter for almost anywhere in the world. This little wonder has single-handedly ended all future fights over charging time and ports.

universal adapter with usb charging ports - amazon



Unisex daypack


daypack - filson


We know a woman’s handbag can be a bottomless pit. And because of this ‘magical’ quality, everything – umbrella, sunscreen, torch, passports, scarf, water bottle, a PEN, notepad – a couple might need during daily outings ends up in the handbag. This situation is bound to blow up. So, we suggest carrying a unisex daypack so that you can divvy up carrying duties between the two of you.  

pexels-photo backpack couple


One laptop

Unless one of you is working on the trip, a couple should carry and share only one laptop. This helps lighten your luggage to a great extent.



DIY Smartphone projector

projector urban outfitters

projector urban outfitters2

Urban Outfitters

For some romance on your next vacation as a couple, pack a cool no-fuss, ultra-portable, totally wireless smartphone projector that uses no additional power. This contraption will come in handy for a movie night while on the road or displaying your vacation snapshots.

Portable speaker

“Every great vacation needs a great soundtrack” – Nomad.Travel.



Rock out or get your mellow on with your favorite tunes delivered on a must-must-have portable speaker. Today’s speakers come with bike mounts to carabiner clips and other accessories making it even easier to carry one of these on your next couple adventure.

These along with that smartphone projector make for the best and complete on-the-road entertainment, we think.

Kindle Paperwhite


Some ‘me time’ is crucial when travelling as a couple. And a Kindle Paperwhite lets you have that space without completely shutting out your partner. Convenient with a higher-resolution screen that has backlights built in, these are easier on your eyes, and eliminates the need to use any extra lighting when in bed or on the plane.

Portable solar charger/power bank



A battery pack with a solar panel helps travelers use electronics outdoors with some peace of mind. If you’re going away as a couple for a few weeks, this baby is a must-pack. If you guys are backpacking or have plenty of outdoor activities planned, you can easily charge it on-the-go.

Pro tip: Both of you need to fully charge your devices and this power pack right before your trip and avoid draining the batteries completely before recharging them.


Waterproof/sand-proof beach mat

snadproof mat 2 - amazon



If you’re headed to the beach soon (you should book your Goa homestay now) with your partner, then this waterproof/sand-proof mat is a lifesaver. Woven with two layers, it’s great for rough outdoor use. No more post-beach cleaning up pains and it almost makes you glad you don’t have a sunbed 🙂  These are great for camping, too.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list. Just remember – have tonnes of fun and couples fighting on vacation is super normal, so don’t be too hard on yourself or your partner.

Happy adventures, Nomads.

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