Summer is here and summer vacation is just around the corner. And there’s nothing that can dampen your sunny travels like a cold or a fever. Some (the lucky few) can travel the globe, hang out in the most crowded places and eat pretty much anything without feeling it or falling sick. For those who aren’t that lucky, here are some things we can do to avoid our least favorite trip – to the doctor, while on the road.

  1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

We all know this. “Duh, Nomad, this is an obvious one,” you might say. But when we are caught up in sightseeing, beach hopping or souvenir shopping we can easily forget to drink enough water. Remember to carry a bottle of water in your day bag AND DRINK the water. Set an hourly reminder on your phone or watch if you need some prompting to take a swig or two.

2.  Eat your greens.

Eat your greens.

Of course, go ahead and eat the local delicacy, but maybe order some greens on the side? Greens hydrate your cells, keep your body in balance and keep everything running smoothly.   

3. Remember to REAPPLY your sunscreen.


While outdoors during summer, we run the risk of getting sunburned. Most often than not we apply our first coat of sunscreen when we start our day, but get lazy about REAPPLYING it. And if you’re going to be swimming or are sweating, it’s even more important to get your sunscreen on!

P.S: Buy sunscreen that’s marine-friendly for when you hit the beach.

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4.  Keep hand sanitizer handy.

Keep hand sanitizer handy.

Keeping your hands clean can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses that cause the cold and flu. Some sanitizer is a must at places that see a lot of activity such as ATMs, restrooms (those public loos are cesspools), and after using door handles.

5. Stay active.

Stay active.

Most of our travel usually involves tonnes of activity – swimming in the sea in Goa, dancing till wee hours of the morning or simply walking the streets to take in the sights. But if your itinerary involves ‘doing nothing’ – simply go for a walk (nothing that requires too much planning) or just do some stretches to get your chi all centered 🙂 Staying active also helps keep jet lag at bay.

6. Carry your own snacks.

Carry your own snacks.

Show of hands. How many of us hate airport/railway/roadside bus food? Us. Not only is it bland and unhealthy, but airport food can cost us a kidney or two! Our solution – packing our own snacks. This will need a bit of planning, but it’s so worth it. Granola bars, dry fruits and other homemade (dry) goodies are perfect for carry-on.  

7. Always travel well-prepared.

Always travel well-prepared.

Are you going to be drinking a lot of alcohol? Are you prone to having an upset stomach if your eating schedule goes haywire? Do you get sick while flying or get sea sick? If you answer ‘Yes,’ to these common travel questions, then ALWAYS travel well-prepared with a medicine kit tailored to you. From hangover cures to unexpected food poisoning saviors, it always helps to come prepared.

So there you have it. Hope these tips come in handy on your next trip. And remember to visit your doctor before taking off on a long vacation and check government websites for any prescribed travel vaccinations.

Happy sunny travels, Nomads.  

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