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Christmas is almost here!

Christmas is almost here!

It’s that time of the year again!

Christmas is a magical time that brings with it heavenly food, rich wines, fun (and some fights 🙂 ) with family and friends, and HOLIDAYS!

It’s time to get into the festive spirit. It’s time to make use of those carefully accumulated paid vacation days. It’s time to pack your bags to celebrate Christmas in one of these picture-perfect destinations.

1. Goa

When you think of Christmas in India, you will immediately think of Goa and why not! Goa is the granddaddy of good times and, of course, Christmas. Thanks to its sizeable Roman Catholic population and its Portuguese influence, this picturesque state celebrates Christmas with immense enthusiasm.

Christmas is undoubtedly going to be warm in Goa, literally, thanks to its weather and, figuratively, thanks to its hospitality. From midnight masses to Christmas meals, from music to parties, the state offers a plethora of Merry-centric activities.

Book your Goa homestay now, and get ready to enjoy the lovely decorations and lively Christmas lights.


Book your Goa stay now! Source: HolidayTravel

2. Puducherry

From the Portuguese-influenced to the French-influenced, we jump from Goa to pretty Puducherry or Pondicherry. Much like Goa, Puducherry has a significant number of Roman Catholics which has resulted in this Union Territory having its own way of celebrating Christmas.

You can’t help but get caught up in the Christmas festivities in Puducherry. On the days leading up to 25th December, this quaint territory takes on a new coat of colour; it’s bright and merry all around you. Do try and make it to mass in The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Eglise de Notre Dame des Anges (The Church of Our Lady of Angels), or Church of Our Lady of Good Health – it will be quite a sight.

Puducherry Source: Wikipedia

Puducherry Source: Wikipedia

3. Andaman, especially Havelock Island 

Relatively unspoilt, the Andamans, especially Havelock island, is one of the best places to be during Christmas or New Year.

Thanks to the plastic ban, the islands are lush and clean. From the n number of water activities to doing nothing at all on the beach, this hammock-paradise offers warmth and hearty food during Christmas.

Andaman Source: gamefishingindia

Andaman Source: gamefishingindia

Pin it and read later!

Pin it to read later!

4. Lansdowne

Want peace and tranquillity this Christmas? Then look no further than Lansdowne in Uttaranchal. Unblemished and serene, Lansdowne was always popular with the British back in the day. This hill station will satiate your wish for a snowy Christmas. Get ready to bundle up and head on over to Lansdowne for a Christmas with a bonfire and music, and beautifully decorated Christmas trees.

Lansdowne Source: wikipedia

Lansdowne Source: wikipedia

5. Shimla

Christmas for a lot of us conjures up images of snowy days and nights thanks to the many hours spent with Charles Dickens and Harry Potter (we’re covering all our bases 🙂 ). Shimla comes very close to this childhood imagery. Though it can get crowded during the Christmas season and the snow can be fickle, you will not be able to resist its charm. With views that are unequalled, Shimla can be best enjoyed on a toy train from Kalka. Its British-era buildings such as Rothney Castle and Woodville Palace give Shimla its old-school charm.

Shimla Source: SAGMart

Shimla Source: SAGMart

So that’s’s top 5 Christmas destinations in India. We’ll leave you with this countdown clock, which will tell you just how little time you have to book that Christmas vacation. 🙂 You’re welcome.