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So staying at a homestay is a little different from staying at a hotel (when we say a little different, we mean it’s not the same AT ALL). Sure, both provide a roof over your head when you’re away from home. One promises local food, local hospitality, local-off-the-tourist-path sightseeing guidance, and the other is a hotel . 🙂 All right, all right, hotels are good, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway, the reason we’re making this comparison is because a lot of us may be familiar with and follow hotel etiquette, but a homestay might be unfamiliar territory. So here is’s guide to homestaying or homestay etiquette.

1. Communication is key

Communicate with your host

Communicate with your host

Communication is vital between the traveller (you) and the homestay host. Communicating not only helps develop a rapport, but also lays to rest any doubts you might have about staying in someone else’s home.

Have your eye on a property on, but have some questions? No problem. You can get in touch with us,, or the host on to ask for information that’s not there is the listing. Remember, you can reach out to the host at any time; before booking, after booking, before arrival, at arrival, during your entire stay and during check out.


Contact the host on

2. Read the house rules


Read the House Rules on

Some homestays may be pet-friendly, some are not, some are strictly vegetarian, while some may be strictly non-vegetarian 🙂 , some may let you host a small party for local friends, some may not, you get the idea.

Read the House Rules section carefully to understand what is acceptable and what is not. The Amenities section also gives you information on what is provided. If you’d like the host to make any special provisions, write to the host (before booking) and enquire if it is possible (refer Etiquette 1).

3. Respect the homestay


Of course, have fun and get comfortable, but definitely make sure you respect the homestay and the wishes of the host. Whether you’re renting a beach hut or treehouse or someone’s home, always respect the stay.

  • Keep it clean (and return it in the state you got it.)
  • Turn off lights, fans or the AC, and other electronics when you leave (hotels have keycard locks that ensure the lights and AC turn off automatically when you leave, but most homestays will not.)
  • Follow any other instructions given to you by the host.

4. Give feedback

Write a review about your stay. If you loved your stay, the review will help attract other travellers and guide them with their own booking. If you didn’t like something about your stay, your feedback will help improve the experience.  🙂


Please give us feedback on your stay

Want to try the experience? Book your homestay now.

To conclude:

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