Christmas is almost here; which means you’re already behind on stocking up on gifts for family, friends and yourself.

So if you’re wondering what to get the traveller in your group (it could even be you) this Christmas, not to worry. We at have put together some gift ideas that will come in handy for that last-minute shopping.

1. Scratch Off World Map Poster

This gift is the perfect ‘show-off tool’ for any respectable traveller. Simply scratch off the map to let people know where you’re been. Just display it in the dining room or study and get ready for the wows and oooohs.


Scratch Map | Source: Amazon

2. Digital Luggage Scale

A must-gift for the frequent traveller. Actually, scratch that. This is a must-buy for everyone. The simple device helps you avoid airline baggage fees every time.


Digital Luggage Scale | Source: Amazon

3. Passport Holder

Not only does a passport holder protect your passport, it’s convenient and fun. Also, might come in handy to break the ice with the immigration officer. 🙂


Passport Holder | Source: Amazon

4. Water-Proof Shoe Storage Travel Tote

Designed to hold up to 3 pairs of shoes, this storage tote is perfect for a travel buff or business traveller. It’s ideal for your wet or stinky shoes, and not to mention, it’s hygienic.


Water-Proof Shoe Storage Travel Tote | Source: Amazon

5. Sudoku Book

Ask any traveller what they hate most about travelling, and the answer is most likely to be the long waiting times at the airport. Gift them this puzzle book to kill boredom while waiting to board their flight.


Sudoku Book | Source: Amazon

6. Travel Slippers

A lot of us experience swollen feet at high altitudes. These comfy slippers are great to slip into on long flights. Since they are super light-weight, they won’t take up too much space in the hand luggage.


Travel Slippers | Source: Amazon

7. Face Spray

Since flying can dehydrate you and take the moisture out of your skin, this extremely useful gift will keep the skin moisturised in planes.


Face Spray | Source: Amazon

8. Earphone Organiser

No traveller is complete without his or her earphones. This gift will ensure earphones remain in good shape on all your travels.


Earphone Organiser | Source: Amazon

9. International Travel Adapter

This universal solution to all your electronics needs connects to any standard wall outlet worldwide. Plus, it’s easily portable. No traveller can ever have too many of these.


Travel Adapter | Source: Amazon


10. Gift a Stay in Goa

You’ll immediately go up the ‘Favourite Person’ list thanks to this gift. You can choose from an array of homestay options here. Whether the person whom this gift is for (is this you? 🙂 ) wants a quiet Christmas or wants to party, wants a Christmas by the beach or surrounded by greenery, has vacation rentals to match every preference.


Beach Hut in Agonda


Luxury Treehouse with Pool

So there you have it. Not only are these 10 Christmas gifts for a traveller practical; they are also extremely thoughtful.

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