You’ve heard the stories – “The party was off the hook, man,” “(Fill in the name of any Goa club) was rocking last night, dude,” so on and so forth. But what if you wanted your Goa trip to be more than booze, babes, ripped dudes and flea markets (not dissing any of these, we love them too). So, we at have put together a list of things you could do in Goa this year that you may not have tried before (if you have, *mental high-fives*).

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  1. Beaches, beaches, beaches

Well, let’s get the obvious out of the way. There is no way you can go to Goa and not frolic on one of its beaches. But maybe you can seek out new, less-spoilt ones. Rent that scooter or bike and head on over to Bogmalo Beach, located some 4km from Dabolim Airport, Hollant Beach which is located to the south of Bogmalo Beach and 7km from Vasco city and Utroda Beach near the more popular Colva Beach. It’s beautiful with palm trees and soft golden sand.


2. Learn to cook Goan food (the right way!)

Food is a great way to bring back home memories of a place you’ve travelled to. In this case, pick up some Goan cooking tricks and tips at the famous Siolim House or the Goa Cooking School in Saligao.

Man, all this talk about food has got us thinking about some yummy vindaloo.

Siolim House

Source: Siolim House

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3. Underwater sea walking

Check out the beautiful marine life Goa has to offer without, well, freaking out about the deep sea. GoBananas offers experiences starting at Rs.2300 (and you don’t even need to know how to swim).

Sea Walking

Source: GoBananas

4. Tiatr, anyone?

Try and catch a tiatr performance on your next trip to Goa. Tiatr is a form of musical theatre that is popular in Goa. The shows are mainly performed in Roman Konkani dialects.  You may not understand the language, but it’s definitely going to be a unique experience.


Source: Goa Streets

5. Dolphin cruises

Is there anything better than watching a majestic animal in its habitat?

Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either. Go out into the sea on a dolphin cruise either early in the morning or evening. The cruise will cost you around Rs.300. Sinquerim Dolphin Trips in Aguada Fort Area is a great way to check this activity off your list.


Source: Happy Goa Travel

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6. Take a swim in a lake

If the beaches are getting too crowded for your taste, check out the blissful Sweet Water Lake. It’s not far from Arambol beach and it’s behind Sweet Water Beach. Sweet Water is the perfect way to spend an afternoon, we think.

Sweet Water Lake

Source: travelettes

7. Have crab for lunch (that you caught 😉 )

Give source-to-table a cool twist by catching your own lunch. But be warned crab catching isn’t that easy. A snap here and there is expected. You use homemade nets called ‘Kobblem’ to catch crabs in the backwaters of Goa or sea side. There are many crab catching tours that’ll help you with this task. Or better yet, ask a crab catcher you run into at the beach to guide you through this adventure.

Crab catching

Source: Explara

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8. Pay the devil a visit

Devil’s Canyon, locally known as Devcharacho kond, is cursed, allegedly. After being misled by a local villager, the devil cursed the canyon and no one has caught fish at the canyon since, allegedly. But scary stories aside, the canyon is pretty spectacular. With slippery rocks and strong undercurrents, the canyon is a swimmer’s death trap. So tread carefully, eh?


Source: About India

9. Say hello to the butterflies

If the spooky canyon isn’t your cup of tea, then head out to watch something serene and absolutely peaceful – butterflies. You can visit and feed these colourful creatures at the Butterfly Conservatory in Ponda.



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10. Go cycling

Want to burn off all that beer and food? Then get on a cycle and hit the trails. Goa Nature Trails organises cycling tours from Amigoa; under the Nerul Bridge through the back lanes of Candolim village and then to the lower ramparts of the Aguada fort overlooking the vast stretch of unbroken beach belts of Candolim, Calangute and Baga.

Cycling trails

So there you have it –‘s Goa itinerary. 

And most importantly, have tons and tons of fun on your trip to Goa.