December is the perfect time to hit the beaches of Goa! Whether you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve been to Goa, or if this is your first trip,’s list of essentials will make sure your vacation is as sunny and sweet as the weather 😉

1. Sunscreen

Like Baz Luhrmann, we too can’t emphasis enough on the importance of wearing sunscreen! Load up on sunscreen that’s above SPF 50 (especially at the beach) and choose a brand that’s water proof – this will help you feel less greasy and sticky.

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2. Sunglasses

Now that you’ve got your coat of sunscreen on, it’s time to protect your eyes. Since the sunlight reflected by the sand on the beach is pretty intense and something we’re not used to in our everyday life, a pair of sunglasses will shelter you from these harsh rays. And not to mention, sunglasses (especially Aviators) will help channel our inner Top-Gun Tom Cruise 🙂


3. Comfy footwear

Given the amount of walking (on the beach and at street markets) you’ll be doing on the trip, you better pack some comfy (and chic) flats. Sandals will ensure your feet can breathe and keep you comfortable all through the day. Invest in a pair of Crocs, flip-flops or any water-friendly style of floaters, which will ensure you’re ready to get into the water at any given time!

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4. Swimsuit and trunks

A trip to Goa is all about getting into the water. A good swimsuit/ pair of trunks will ensure the salt from the water doesn’t stick all over your body. For all those of you with beach bods (lucky bums), bring out the bikini!



5. Backpack

Comfortably carry around your day must-haves in a cool backpack. Some even come with solar panels that help charge your cellphone and camera – definitely check those out. In your day backpack, you can easily carry your beach towel, water bottle, umbrella, torch, travel docs & more while walking around hands- and hassle-free.

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6. Shorts/Linen Trousers

Shorts are the MUST-HAVE piece of clothing in Goa. Stay cool and comfy all day with cotton shorts and linen trousers.


7. Hats and caps

Wear a wide-brimmed hat to the beach in Goa to protect your hair, eyes, and skin from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. And if you wear one that complements your outfit, even better we say!


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8. Your SLR Camera

We get it. It’s heavy and a pain to carry. But it’s worth it. Plan daily outings well so that you don’t have to carry it everywhere and capture the beauty of Goa to take back home with you.


9. A journal

Get ready to be inspired and scribble away when you’re in Goa. You don’t have to write a novel or frame your art work, just jot down thoughts or plans and colour some doodles. Take a moment to relax and breathe in that lovely sea air.


10. Something for the children of Goa

You are bound to run into children begging or trying to sell you a souvenir on the beaches in Goa. If you like, you could buy a pack of pencils or a small bag of candy to give away to the little ones.


Hope this list helps! Did we miss any? What else would you consider a must for a trip to Goa? Let us know with a comment.

And see you in Goa, folks, at one of’s homestays, maybe? 🙂